Charging problem

Hello IFC!
I made a flight and left the flight to continue on the charger and when I came to land I had 30% instead of 100%…

Was the charger full connected to it? Did your charger box get super hot?

Nope… It was full connected

Was the charger Box hot?

I’d recommend lowering brightness and turning on low power mode. Sometimes these things happen. What device did you have?

No… It was fine

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I did it… Like every time

What device do you have, and were you wireless charging?

I have T10 tablet

Okay, are you using the original charger provided in the box?

No. I don’t think so

But I charge with it everytime and everything is fine

Okay, is the charger you are using made by the tablet manufacturer or is it a 3rd party company? Also, did you recently switch to a new charger?

I didn’t switch the charger… And the charger isn’t made by Teclast

Is there by chance any dust or debris in the charging port? Sometimes that could cause not connected contacts. If you have a can of compressed air, blow it into the port to clean out the dust and then try charging again.


I think this is normal .

Device is consuming charge faster then it charges i get same on iPads pro


It’s not normal

Like others have said, this mainly has to do with your settings. During your flight you are basically using more juice than what is charging. This can be caused by too bright of a screen, background apps running, lower power mode in the sim not being set.

Make sure you are using a quality charger and not some random cord you get at a gas station as it can damage your device. It is also advised to be plugged into the wall and not a USB port for charging as the wall will usually yield better results.


Problem in my tablet

Yeah, I’ve had this problem before on my iOS devices if my wall transformer doesn’t output enough wattage for the device I’m using.