Charged twice

I got charged twice for one month, what do I do, how do I get my money back

Hello, Patrick!

Were the purchases made via Apple or the Google PlayStore?


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This is probably something you would want to take up with the Support team in private via a PM to Support (the user account so-named) or email via, as included in this post from Tyler:

The forum members probably can’t help much, but I’m sure if you send copies of the receipts, they’ll be able to assist you privately.

It would also be helpful for the staff to know whether your expiration date is two months or one month from now.

This can be checked through either the app or the infinite flight website.

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I bought it one apple

Thanks! Unfortunately Apple controls all purchases to include refunds. Please contact the iTunes support team to request a refund on the second purchase.

Thanks for your understanding and we appreciate your business, Patrick.



I bought another one (that didn’t work) through the website

Please PM me with the receipt of your website purchase. Unfortunately the Apple purchase will still need to be refunded by the iTunes support team.

How do I find the receipt