《Chapter two》I am new to Infinite Flight → Join IFATC

@Taiwan_Tryan, congratulations!

I was happy to attend many of your training sessions, alongside @Gliding_Central and the team. I was glad to see you improve every session, and eventually get into IFATC!

Congratulations 😉


Not anymore, unfortunately.

The new rule states

  • Must be in the ATC Recruiting process, have successfully passed the ATC Written Knowledge Exam, and have completed at least one ATC Practical Exam.

You should always aim to take your first knowledge test seriously, no matter what though.

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@TheAviationGallery, @Taiwan_Tryan wasn’t subject to the new changes as he applied and started before they came out. 😊


Congratulations on this feat

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Yup I know that, @Tommy asked how to practice so I was just giving a heads up as he said you can apply for training if you failed your written :)


小老弟終於達成階段性目標啦! 慢慢享受來自我們群組的壓力吧。-Chen 52

Congrats on finishing this chapter! Young brother, enjoy your stress from our VO slowly. I only demand one thing from you: Clear up your mess if you made one!

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