《Chapter One》I am new to Infinite Flight → Join IFATC

I am new to Infinite Flight → Join IFATC

Because there is a lot of content, I will categorize it in multiple chapters.

Hi guys, I want to talk about"my download from Infinite Flight → Join IFATC" today. I believe this is boring, but it is full of willpower. I still remember that I downloaded Infinite Flight for about 5 years, but I only started to buy PRO last July. In the five months I bought PRO last year, I actually didn’t understand the ATC sentence dialogue usage of Infinite Flight. Consult others slowly, and finally, I think I can do it, and slowly go to the Expert Server to fly, but the controller is really strong, and I want to be that, so I applied for the exam in February of this year.

Chapter 1 is over, please continue to Chapter 2.😆😆😆


That’s cool! I hope you gain even more experience and have fun along the way 😁


@Pilot_Waters Thank you for your support😍

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