Chaos on Expert after Controllers leave their sessions

It seems like whenever Expert controllers close their sessions, chaos ocurrs, with pilots not sequencing themselves nor following basic aviation rules. Today, after some great controlling at Birmingham, I got to witness this firsthand. To me, this is very discouraging because I use the expert server as an opportunity to make IF as realistic as possible. It is upsetting to see cesnas taking off on the taxiways, aircraft ramming each other, and no thought being used by pilots just because there is no active controller while I am simulating a checklist for my aircraft. If you are one of these individuals reading this who thinks this kind of behavior is acceptable on expert, then I ask you, please go to TS1 . It might just be me that has been noticing this, although for whatever reason, I have been noticing this more recently. Thank you for reading this, I’d be interested to hear some thoughts about this. I know there was already a thread for this issue, but it was closed, and I felt it was important to continue the discussion.


Expert after controller left is similar like when a teacher left the class and the chaos happened 😂

Since the new grading system, I think we see a rise of nimrods entering Expert. I wish we can go back to the old standing system or make the current grading system stricter


So many topics of the same thing, but sadly not many of those pilots are on the community.

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We really just need to “report” those pilots. I probably report 1-3 pilots per airport I fly into. If we can get people to utilize that function, we might be able to make some progress assuming that feature works lol. Aside from that, you can always try and screenshot their info and reach out to them via pm on the forum if they have an account. If all else fails, a glass of wine after the madness lol.

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I did my share of reporting… It was mayhem after ATCs left.

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I totally agree with you. The pilots go mental after because they know they can’t be ghosted. If only the rules were made stricter or just increase the amount of XP or flight time needed for grade 3.

Like @jdag2004 said, many of these pilots have no idea what the ifc is.


I was there this morning, a guy was landing on the otherside of the runway, I reported him. I think he got ghosted, or he may have crashed.


We’ve recently enacted some things to help this.