Chaos @ KCMH

Boeing 737-700
Training Server

Reasons why I won’t fly on Training or Causal Server.



Haha! Just like old times!

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@Wesley_Fry, this dude was trolling me during the whole flight, it was being live streamed. He was spamming me on Mexico Center @ KATL and TWR & Grd @ KCMH. It was quite aggravating

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Haha I get it

Anytime you see an A380 on CS or TS, you already know something bad is about to happen 😂


What if I’m flying it

If you are flying period, something is bound to happen. They are still fixing the crater you put at KATL and KISP runways


Never thought people would be @ KCMH anyday in TS. Let alone an A380

Casual server is best

I disagree with that. Expert Server is where it at. More professionals on there.

Love flying to CMH every week.

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Thats the fun of it

Welcome to Casual/Training server
If you see anyone going rouge its probably best you divert :)

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Even if I divert, the idiotic pilot would still troll me…

Thennn just treat it as if he is not there

That’s the thing, it’s very impossible to do that because this idiot is literally blocking my view, couldn’t even see the gates or taxiways 🙄

The Expert server wasn’t mush better 😂😅

ATC kept dropping off… Nightmare!

LPMA Event 21/07/2021


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