Chaos controlling Tower @EDDF - TS1

So I was controlling EDDF ground and tower, and everything went well. In peak hours there were approximately 20-25 Aircrafts on the ground and another constant 10-15 in the air, wanting to land. The wind allowed me to use RWY 25C for takeoff, and both 25L & 25R for landing. If everything went as it should have, this setup would be super effective (as in the real world, this is their go to setup for the airport, as the gates are closest to RWY 25C). As the line for RWY 25C grew on the ground, so did the line up in the air. At first contact, every plane requested 25C, and I tried telling them on all kind of ways that I want then to land on 25 L/R, but most of them ignored my signs and proceeded their final for RWY25C, which in turn forced me to cancel takeof clearance for the planes on the ground. If the landing pilots wouldn’t have been so stubborn, I could have departed one aircraft every one/two minutes depending on aircraft size, instead of the 3-5 minutes it turned into.

This would be avoided if I had like a mini atis function for the tower controller telling which runways are for what, and that would also help communication with approach.

Now I’m reaching out to all experienced ATC controllers aswell as other users to hear what you have to say.


Suggest honing your skills and applying for IFATC. You don’t have to deal with inexperienced players on the expert server as much as on training server.


I know this would not happen on Expert, but its sad to give up hope on the training server, as there are a lot of players that are serious there aswell. Some simple tweaks would allow controllers to contact the pilots earlier, and even having more clear phrases for telling them that the runway is not used for la sing at the moment.

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I don’t know why but it seems to be a habit on TS that everyone wants to start at the same runway as everyone else to wait there for 10min and every incoming plane wants to land at exactly that runway. If you clear them for another runway they’ll most likely ignore it and land onto another plane lined up.


There is nothing else you can do. Pilots are not so experienced with active ATC and this may cause problems like that. On training server pilots still learning how to communicate with ATC and sometimes get confused.

Unfortunatly, again there is nothing you can do for that. The name of the server is training and thats why these problems will occur.

For more experienced and knowledge pilots, you may start with the link @SterlingArcher linked above ☺

Have a look :
Will The ATIS be added to the training server

You can vote here :
ATIS for training server


Yes! That is exactly what happened, but it’s not all Lost Hope, we can solve this with some tweaks and features.

Unfortunately Most pilots in TS1 don’t understand that certain runways are used to takeoffs and landings ,the only real solution is bein IFATC certified and begin able to broadcast ATIS

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Yeah thats an option but i don’t want to controll on Expert, I samt to controll wherever I want. I just feel like we should not accept the behavior on training, casual is made for playing around. 80% of those players knew what they were doing (proven with their communication on ground. The problem is that there is no system telling them what runway is for what until 2 minutes pre landing and those players are simply to lazy enoung for a go around or correcting their approach.

My suggestion is that the tower controller (or ATIS if avalible) set what runway is for what and there pilots can see that where they see METAR

That’s why ATIS exists,gives pilots info to help ATC
Your solution does not exist and probably won’t be implemented.
Like I said IFATC is really the only solution no matter what when it comes to TS1 issues.It would be nice to have ATIS as a regular controller as it’s really simple.Course I guess they restricted it cause Begunner controllers will misuse it

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