Chaos at MMUN

I know, I’m also aware that heathrow alternates runways due to the noise. But they were using both the runways for landing. They didn’t specify neither runway for arrival or departure.

Hi there! I was a controller at MMUN yesterday. I can try to fill you in on the strategy that we went through. Feel free to PM me.

Look, I don’t know whether you’re providing feedback or complaining, but the best way to receive the most accurate response is by messaging the controller or an ATC supervisor - always message your controller first. At this point, we’re just going in circles because well, we weren’t the controllers at this point in time and don’t know what’s going through their heads.

Right, I totally forgot about holds. I have never actually see them implemented, nvmd. It was the departures that were overwhelmed.

Alright, I’ve done some examination and taking a look at the idea you propose regarding landing aircraft using the right runway.

This first image is the configuration you proposed, with landing aircraft on the right (marked in red) using R, and departing aircraft (marked in green) using L. not only will this create long taxi times and congestion on the west side of the airport for departing aircraft, but landing aircraft will also be in the way of aircraft taxiing for departure. If you work at the rapid exit taxiways, they sit right on the taxiway departing aircraft are using the taxi to the runway. when we look at airport flow, there’s a lot of congestion and unnecessary conflicts to deal with, which is not ideal for the hub airport.

Now, if we look at a standard Cancun layout, you’ll see that everything is going in one direction. Not only does this prevent conflicts, but it increases the efficiency of the airport. Yes, there will be long lines, but it’s actually more efficient than it looks.


What about my other suggestion? Just directing some aircraft from the congested taxiway to 12L? That was my primary suggestion actually.

Considering aircraft can be cleared every few seconds on 12R, I don’t feel the need. The last aircraft in line is waiting for 5-10 minutes, at most, which is expected at the hub. You can always fall back to 12L as a backup plan, though, which isn’t needed in that particular situation.

Uhh. Again, you forgot that aircrafts were landing on both the runways, 12R as well. Directing some airplanes to the left wouldn’t have costed anything. I know that people are saying that the ramps over there wouldn’t have been able to taxi or pushback, but a few aircrafts being directed that way wouldn’t have gotten in the way of those aircrafts, and would have relieved atleast some pressure that was on the 12R

Please PM the controllers in question.