Chaos at MMUN

Am I the only one who sees the other runway?
Happened at 6 or 7 IST, on the Expert server (It said I needed to fill this information.)

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But then again you need to take in consideration for the aircraft landing there which there were many they probably dedicated a rwy for landing and one for takeoff.

What part of the airport are you talking about?

I think they are talking about why they don’t use the 2 rwy for departure.

Nah dude. Aircrafts were landing on both the runways. Poor tower and approach coordination I guess. (But then again, can they actually co-ordinate?) But even then, I don’t think seperating the runway for landing or takeoffs would have helped.

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Please contact the controller(s). I can provide names if you wish.

Look at how all the aircrafts are directed to 12R. Why was 12L not being used?

I don’t see the problem here. Yea there is a line waiting for departure, but if you create a line at the other runway you’d block the western apron quite quickly. Plus, depending on where they spawn people would have to queue for the southern runway in order to get to the northern one as there isn’t a parallel taxiway at the northern side, so it wouldn’t help at all.

Nah dude. Just thought I would share it. Hopefully I come across someone else who was flying at the same time as well.

Well obviously if you’re questioning why they weren’t using 12L, we can’t give you an answer, because, we don’t know. If you really want an answer, I’ll get you in contact with the controllers, because I don’t know what exactly you want to get out of this topic.

Landing planes can exit from 17L and onto the taxiway on the east side of the Airport. By splitting deps to 17L, it would create congestion on taxiways. Because of the 17L and it’s only 2 exits it would be preferred to have sent deps 17R to ensure spacing it’s at it’s high quality

To everything IFATC do there’s a reason, if you have any issues Pm the controller

But atleast that would take the load off a single runway. I would rather have two or three people wait for pushback. Also, aircrafts that have made it to the intersection can be directed either way at the appropriate time. I mean, the controller wouldn’t even let me taxi from the gate, so the aprons water already overwhelmed.

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It’s FNF bro, it’s busy. It’s basically an event, you’d expect delays either way. If 17L had the same taxiway structure as 17R it would be much more efficent

I mean, this all makes perfect sense in my opinion. There is one runway for Takeoffs and there is another runway for Landings. Just look at airports like Heathrow, they use one for takeoffs and one for landings. This is easy for controllers as well becuase they don’t need to try and synchronize the landings and takeoffs (one taking off and then a landing) instead they can just keep clearing quite easily. This also results in less G/As and other possible issues that may arise. I don’t think I understand what the problem is here.

IFATC controllers go through regular check and are monitored by IFATC Supervisors and Trainers regularly and are highly skilled and trained to do so. It would be peak hour arrivals and departures at the moment.

Exactly, I would rather designate 17R as the landing runway because of the multiple exits it has, rather than 17L as the aircrafts would have to reach the extreme end of the runway in order to exit it. But both the runways were being used for landing, and only one for takeoffs, which is what I dont understand.

both was used for landings, or the seperation on 17r would be much tighter meaning we can’t get deps out. Or they’d be a hold enforced making arrival times much longer

Some airports determine the user concept by its layout. In this particular case the layout simply doesn’t allow parallel runway operations as efficient as LHR or others. I’m sure the controllers have an idea behind it, I could imagine that they’d send aircraft spawned at the western apron to 12L to take pressure off 12R. But as I said, this layout isn’t ideal.

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The taxiway for 12L would not allow pushback and for a long line of aircrafts to be feasible.