Chaos at KLAX - kudos to the ATC

I was on TS1 earlier because I was lonely on Expert and paid a wee visit to SoCal. I don’t know why anyone bothers to try and man the ATC there but kudos to those of you who have the patience to give it a go. My own approach was a bit wobbly so apologies for any additional problems I caused!


Haha, you have to be crazy to attempt to control there but I give it a go and if it’s really bad I give up 😂


I always try to give it a go and rage quit within 5 mins when no one listens.


Wait, wait, wait, you mean people actually used the taxiways and runways? Unbelievable…


The amount of times I’ve nearly become mental over the past 14 days controlling there is definitely unhealthy.


I don’t even enjoy flying on TS in SoCal, so yes much kudos to those who take up the challenge of controlling there.

I do like flying in SoCal region, but keep to ES.

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Same here bro, I tried using it to practice for the expert test, rage quit…

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Yeah that’s why when I’m practicing ATC work I almost always do it on smaller airports like KONT or YSCB because even if you have nimrod pilots, they are easily manageable because there’s less traffic.


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