Chaos At Heathrow

Hello IFC! Presenting, the chaos at Heathrow today. And it was on the TS too, not casual.

Since I have to comply with the rules, unlike the users

Server: Training Server
Time: All over a period of 30 mins

A Transavia 737-800 landing while a Lufthansa 787-9 waiting to takeoff and a A318 face off on the runway.

Landed when I see a pesky little Cessna 172 on the runway ahead of me landing without permission after taking off and spinning a super sharp 360. I had to swerve on the runway to avoid, which I just.

The harrowing view for the passengers staring out the window.

To make it worse, ATC was using BOTH runways even though there was a 8 knot tailwind! This caused this 747 to takeoff just in time.

This caused my 777 nearly collides after takeoff with another Lufthansa 787 about to land.

This also caused an A330 taking off to collide with another A330 landing.

Then, the Turkish A330 slammed into the ground.

I had a headache after this. Would you have gotten it too?

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Jeez, the Civil Aviation Authority has got a lot of investigations to run. Better go buy them some Advil for the headaches they’re bound to get.


wow this is every day at least it ain’t casual


6 months later


Utter chaos, fairytale land. This wouldn’t happen in real world. Thank goodness it’s a flight simulator game. Yes a GAME. Air Crash Investigators would be pulling there hair out. Please get real.


to me just playing msfs:


Let’s close the runway 👍

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Tbh this is because there is no atc. Even if there was, this was a very inexperienced controller. I’m so sorry, and this is why IFATC is controlling the expert server.

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