Channel Islands Control

So with the new update, some very exiting new features, one of them being controlled atc sectors!! As you might imagine there has been a crazy amount of work put into this and it takes a lot to add all these in for every corner of the world, and it’s very easy for things to be dropped off and frequencies to be missed.

As a regular visitor and pilot in the Channel Islands, I’ve noticed is that the Channel Islands control has been missed 😭 and has been put under the general airspace “Brest Control”. In this map from NATS own website, you can clearly see that it’s actually got it’s own control!!

© - NATS

I know this is a feature that needs to be added for the sense of realism, which Infinite Flight prides itself on, but I felt that it’s not a feature request as such, moreover a topic to bring it to the attention of the developers…? Correct me if I’m wrong here…

Huh, interesting. It is listed as an airspace boundary rather than an FIR so I’m not sure what happened here.

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@Cameron has been working quite hard with the 3rd party navigation company that is providing Infinite Flight with the world wide data it uses. I’m sure Cam would love to take a further look into this as well as other Flight Information areas/regions (FIRs) that are currently missing from the app

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Ya but it has it’s own channel islands control frequency in the FIR, (on the frequency: 120.300) to separate aircraft into Gurnsey, Jersey and Alderney.

Yeppppp thank you for tagging him :)👍

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