Channel Islands and Brittany region

This would be a nice region to have in IF, as it would have both island hopping and main-land flights. It would include airports like Brest, Rennes Saint Jacques Dindard, Saint Brieuc, Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and more.
(This is just a bit smaller than the London region)


Screw that! Add it to London

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A great region! We need Aurigny now…


Everyone wants the London region to be expanded to the North and West though, so they would all complain if I suggested this be an add on to it.

Everyone wants London, Paris and Amsterdam in one. This could squeeze in…

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I’m still a bit sceptical on the whole London-Amsterdam-Paris region, what would happen to the people who have bought London but not Paris? But other than that it is a good idea.

They wouldn’t be separate regions just one big one with a slightly bigger price

Great idea! The island airports would be come the new San Clemente as well because island airports always seem to get a lot of use

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