Changing who you reply to

if you are replying to a specific person in a thread but you mean to reply to the thread, like in general, is there a way you can change who you can reply to without have to rewrite what you already wrote?

I’m not 100% sure, but if there isn’t you can Just copy and paste what you wrote, delete your reply to the person, make a new reply to the thread and paste in what you originally wrote


You can just copy paste what you wrote.

Actually just found out yes you can. I’m not on my computer right now so I can’t check but if on mobile click the arrow on top left and reply to the topic will come up, select that

(Yes I use light mode. No I won’t pay for your cataract surgery after seeing this.)


Yes I know that I was just curious if there was a way

ah I see it is the same thing on the computer

we are going to have a problem now lol

How the heck have I never noticed that?!

Neither did I until this thread lol


Me neither. But I’m all fairness my eyesight is trash. I have to wear glasses all the time (apart from when I’m sleeping obviously)

Not 100% sure if this is a mod/staff feature, but i can simply change who the reply is directed to by clicking on the “reply” button on the post i wish to change to.

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Seb, I use this as a TL3 so I’m guessing it’s available to all.

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Like what’s shown here?


Let’s say I start typing a post by clicking the reply button to your post. If i then realize i was supposed to reply to someone elses post… i simply that “Reply” on that post instead.


oh yea true, I’ve made that many times (also applies for hitting the “reply to topic” button)

Yep. And there’s no need to rewrite or anything. One click/tap, done.


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