Changing TL1 categories

Ok. So I have been thinking lately. Can a TL3 change a category for a TL1 just because the TL1 can’t post in a different category. For example if a TL1 has a topic that is a feature request but can’t post in #features can a TL3+ change the category for them?

(I’m only TL2 but I was just wondering since TL3 can recategorize topics)

Technically yes, but we are not permitted to change a topic if the user cannot post in that category, unless moderator approval. A prime example is if a TL1 user creates a post a recent spotting session they went on at an airport. As they are not permitted to post in #real-world-aviation:spotting, they casually put it into #general. Us regulars are not allowed to move that topic to #real-world-aviation:spotting unless consent of a moderator.


Ahh Ok 👌. Makes sense.


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