Changing the Way Infinite Flight's Control System Detects Controllers

Hello IFC, it’s @TheBest here!
I and many others fly with a controller, unfortunately, most controllers have auto-shut off enabled, to preserve battery life. While this is fine on short-haul flights, it can become problematic on medium to long-haul flights. As noted below, in a past topic, @schyllberg, has said:

This means that a new system would have to be made, but it would benefit so many people, like me! Thanks for reading! I would really appreciate it if you could give a vote!

I would vote for this if I could! While highly unlikely for it to happen, I do hope that the dev team will eventually find a way to have a dynamic detection system. Rather than the current static system currently in use.

Would definitely enable me to use my own controller more!

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Not sure sure why we have a feature request for something we’re already intend to change? ;)

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True, but I want to bring awareness, so that hopefully it will become more of a priority.

It isn’t something that will be prioritized up due to a feature request I’m afraid. We’re doing this anyway regardless of # of votes :)


That being said, we have been working on improved controller support in Infinite Flight, and we hope to release this in the next update. Improved connection/disconnection support is one of the main improvements of this system


Wow, that’s amazing! In fact yesterday, my controller disconnected, and I had to use auto land, and let’s just say that I didn’t exactly butter it!

When you say improved controller support, will it solve the issue, or is it just a start?

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