Changing the requirements to control ATC on TS

I see this being no help, as

  1. Training server is made for everyone to learn. You can’t just remove someone’s permission and make them ask to learn.

  2. Buttons won’t work either, since at least 100 people would be requesting permission in a day, the queue would be at least 700 in a week alone, and if there’s 10-20 mods, update 50.2 will be out by the time they accept you.

  3. let’s say you do luckily get accepted, you still have to ask for more than 50 opening requests to even reach 2000, since you can’t magically earn 2000 points in 10 sessions. This will just make it so by the time you can control without asking, 50.2, Antonovs, Clouds, and everything will be added by then.

  4. It’s not the ATC that’s the issue, it’s the pilots. Pilots like to troll, so ATC have to make quick moves to react and keep everyone safe, creating a bad experience. Out of the hundreds of the times I went to LAX with ATC, only about 10% were troll ATC. The rest were ATC trying to deal with trolls.

@USA_ATC the point of casual is to be able to do tricks and play around, so upping the requirements is pointless in my opinion as then you can’t get the required ops to do it.

Uhhh he’s talking about Training though

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There we are. Hope you understand but you have all rights to express your opinion :). Just expressing mine

I’m confused, and I think you are too. He’s talking about changing requirements on Training Server, and your talking about fooling around is for the Casual Server.

I am very confused by what your saying.

I mean maybe not making new requirements but an extremely basic test that’s all automated and built into the app if you pass then it allows you to control on training, because lots of people have no idea what they’re doing and say they take the test and fail it can direct them to the forum, so they can A) ask questions B) Go through the tutorials something like that i feel would be a good idea so people who just get grade 2 who have no idea what they’re doing go to TS and just screw people up not clear people and everything, but if say 75% of the controllers could get basic knowledge and then build on it, i feel TS slowly over time would end up improving and actually become a training server. Not just casual with atc. It would probably be difficult to build into the app and would likely never happen but just an idea🤷🏻‍♂️

Hey @USA_ATC! Sadly this is what the training server is meant for, and most of the time “trolls” really are just people who don’t know what they are doing. A realistic feel is what the expert server is for. Not to mention 2k operations is way too many. 500 is the requirement for IFATC.

Please don’t forget that people pay to be able to play this game and maybe try controlling and TS is the only server they can try Air Traffic Controlling. If they put a requirement to this too, no one new to this game or people who just wanna have fun won’t be able to do atc without having to spend months gaining operations

Also, there will be trolls on TS no matter how qualified ATC is as long as they can’t get reported.

But then again, the name is training server, not causal, and not expert and I think that it is reasonable to be lever to to control.

that was just a number as stated above

I have also said that if they add atc to casual but you can advance to TS after a time or something

it is just that the requirements need to change Just like how you advance from the Casual server you can advance to the TS

Casual Server shouldn’t ever have ATC. Too many pilot trolls, and the server is made to have fun and do stunts and stuff. Adding ATC will just take them all away.

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That’d be problematic due to the inability of people to control and this not getting ops

As it is always said in ATC category, training server is for training. Sure, some people might want to use it to train their ignorance and troll, but most of people there genuinely want to provide good service. Yeah, sure, not everyone is perfect, but hey, even IFATC veterans make mistakes. Also, why would anyone would want to tick all these boxes just to the control on training, when IFATC and controlling on expert seems like a much more exciting option?

I’ve controlled on training since 2017 and got more than 6 thousand operations in that time, and now being in IFATC, I’m happy to switch to expert, where I haven’t yet had any major issues with the pilots and haven’t issued a single ghost/violation.


People who are serious about ATC on the TS create a tracking thread. As long as the recommendations for tracking threads are followed(specifically not opening at EGLL, KLAX, and other hotspots), there should be absolutely no problem achieving a realistic experience.

People who are serious about ATC apply to IFATC once they’re at 500 ops. So even if you lower this requirement to 500… what’s the point?

Once you apply to ATC and take a practical, if you fail, you get a trainer and actual IFATC members attend each of your sessions.

Finally, countless others have have said this, but what you consider trolling on the TS is often ATC users trying to learn. For example, a few months ago I didn’t know pattern entries and sequences were needed when a plane wasn’t cleared for an approach. As approach, I had no idea what radar vectors were so I would sometimes give pilots an ILS. Things like these could be considered trolling when it’s just users trying to learn, which is what the TS is there for.

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