Changing the requirements to control ATC on TS

That would be impossible to get if we don’t have access to control ATC before, as you get operations by doing ATC. Plus, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong but 2K operations more than the requirement for IFATC.

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are you sure about that because I had a friend who was Grade 1 and could control on TS currently but im not sure

You need 500 ops to apply for IFATC. You need 2000 as IFATC to apply for radar training. Your requirements seem a bit overkill, no?


i said that as just a number like getting a number of landings for pilots

Just because you can fly enough to fly in TS shouldnt qualify you to control tower on TS

you get what im saying

So if you need to be IFATC to control the expert server and causal server doesn’t have ATC how are you supposed to meet the requirements?

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The 2 should be split in my opinion because whats happening is people who just get TS are going to tower and coming off of Casual and controlling

And why is that a problem exactly?

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as i said have a button with some sort of revewment team to lead reviewing the apps to control or im asking yall what you think aswell there are 100 other ways that you could do this

because the unrealism is ridiculous and for the reasons aready stated including trolling ect

some of the controllers are 1/2 decent and and then there is just trolls

Why is it ridiculous? Are you not able to tolerate people trying to improve their skills?


im confused what your asking have you ever tried flying into KLAX smoothly without getting into a near miss or some close confrontation

the IFATC threads are awesome and i really enjoy going to them and im not annoyed by them at all idk if it means that they have to add ATC to casual server idk

i gtg now have a good night yall be back tomorrow

Yes, I have. But I am actually able to understand that some people wish go become more knowledgeable when it comes to ATC.


How would they get 2,000 operations if they couldn’t control in the first place?


The mods would approve with “the button” apparently. Not sure what that means but oh well

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Idk. We’ve had this problem the whole time

I’m so confused…
So under this idea, to control on TS you need to ask permission from a moderator, who will review a session of yours. But if you haven’t controlled on TS yet, how are they supposed to find a session to review 🤔

I’m not calling this idea stupid, it’s just that it is what it is unfortunately. If you want to control pilots who don’t troll you, apply for IFATC.


Training Server isn’t particularly for realism. People on that server are learning how to control and Fly. There would be no point of adding ATC to casual and the only people who would join are trollers and you cannot gain violations. The whole point of casual server is for fun. You have to expect trolling on both training and casual. Upping the requirements to 2000 operations or even 1000 won’t be necessary.

Me when I read through this topic:



I’ve been IFATC for around 3 months now, and I still barely have 2000 total ops in total. To make it that you need 2000 to control on TS is a bit over-the-line.

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Yea. Iv’e been controlling since October 2019 and I only just got to 4000