Changing the requirements to control ATC on TS

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I have got a huge and hopefully great request!

I have a thought,

If there would be a change on TS where only ATC can only control if they have say 2k operations and for the people with tracking threads so that they can get a relatively troll free Environment like expert server. That is one thing I see in common with most Tracking Threads. I just believe it will give us aspiring IFATC members or Serious controllers to get a more realistic feel out of Infinite Flight without getting IFATC or training to be IFATC. Or maybe there would have to be training of some sort even if it would be 1 monitored test ATC run with a mod watching or something like that that would take up a lot of time. Let me know what you think below! Or maybe there would be a button on the app where you can request to get clerence to control on TS and with a replay of one of your controllings and it gets reviewed.

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Interesting idea, just for me personally I’d rather have more aircraft, even if 5% of people on that server aren’t professional, I feel like adding an extra server would make Expert feel pretty dead


ask you know IFATC only control a Certain airport every day so what about the other airports that people want to fly to with atc and still have a realistic experience by people who know how to control? Also with the events IFATC is always packed with Events on Expert what if we had a realistic way for there to be events run by ATC on this server?

FDS won’t add another server unless there is a very good reason as buying, maintaining, and running a server is quite expensive, and having a place for ATC tracking threads isn’t worth the high costs of servers. It’s pretty much expert server 2 by the way you describe it.


Maybe just upping the requirements to control on Training Server should do the trick.


yes but with a catch there is ATC who are training and a way to offload IFATC with the dozens of events

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Thats a thought and maybe add atc on Casual for yk the other people (couldnt think of anyway to word that)

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Again, not a great reason to spend huge amounts of money. If an event is good/unique enough, it will have IFATC coverage. Beside’s, we want a good chunk of people in each server to make it enjoyable.

This is an idea

@GreenFire what do you think about


This was about a new server, not ATC requirement’s at all. I’ll leave this conversation to other people’s discretion now.

but i changed the feature to that because i agreed with your point

How are you supposed to gain ops if you aren’t allowed to control? It’s a catch 22.


you get the permission from a mod to control with the “button”


So for every single user that wants to try out ATC or improve their skills, they have to ask a mod? When there’s thousands, if not tens of thousands IF users and like 10-15 mods?


I think it could be something like you start on smaller airport until you get enough ops to control the bigger ones


that is a good though @SamC I like that

one thing that people are agreeing with is that it needs reform just not sure how

I don’t think everyone is agreeing that it needs reform. Why structure a server meant for learning and developing your skills into something similar to IFATC?


well think of it like from the pilots POV they have grades I beleve that the ATC should to of some sort or way

You have to be grade 2 to control ATC on TS…

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