Changing the Data Bar on bottom of the screen

Suggesting if we can go back to a dark bar with white lettering on the data bar at the bottom of IOS screens. In flight in Cam 1 mode, it is impossible to read during any day flights. Small change but big improvement.

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You can always change the time ;)

But if you really want this you could make a #features topic; just make sure to follow the category rules:

We also are getting an update on the info bar:

MaxSez: “Data Bar” or Dashboard It work fine as is. If you must, remove some of the extraneous data which serves no useful purpose from the present construct. Garbage in Garbage out if it’s expanded. Move it to the top is not realistic in the present cockpit configuration. Long Haul or Reginal this example sez it all at a glance.

Here’s an example I fly with daily. This Dashboard plus a continual scan work for most “Aviators” no matter the make or model.



The ability to alter font size/color as well as the color of the background would be amazingly helpful.

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