Changing the banking reaction time when AP heading knob is turned.

At the moment, when you’re flying and you turn the heading knob, the plane will almost instantly bank to the direction you need, and bring the plane to the correct heading. The speed at which the plane rotates is strangely quick, and I think if I was onboard a plane banking that quick in real life there would be a lot of cleaning up to do, if you know what I mean.

My suggestion: When the knob is turned, the plane should bank a lot slower than it does at the moment and gradually begin/end the banking manoeuvre before coming to the fixed banking angle and slowly leveling off, rather than jerking the plane into place. This is what’s put me off using it to turn in flight.



Only for the smaller planes though. Aircraft like the 777, A380 and 747 bank pretty slow.

@FlyFi Thats true. I don’t remember the last time I tried adjusting heading with the AP in one of the big planes - I’ve just been afraid of using it! But I think they do still begin the bank quicker than they should…

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As soon as you turn the hop for heading with autopilot on the A320. It banks so hardly. Probably 5G forces in that turn alone 😂

Why it’s a 2 minute turn

@Captain_Dan Yeah, the refreshments trolley would be shaken and much screaming and confusion would ensue.

@Brandon_Sandstrom Do planes bank that quickly in real life?

Yea the autopilot is a standard bank

Or are you talking about how quick it reacts?

If you want the plane to get into the proper bank slower, only change the heading 1-5 degrees. Once the plane starts to bank you can then change your heading to whatever you want. That should help

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Yes - that’s the word I was looking for!

Oh yea that could be slowed down a bit

I usually just turn of HDG, make the turn smoothly, and then turn on (and lock) HDG when the turn has been completed. But that gets tricky, when approach is telling you to descend and make turns like it’s a slalom course.

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Yeah things can get complicated when the airspace is busy

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and gradually accelerated too as the bank begins.

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Yep that’s why most professional pilots keep the AP on until on final. I tend to keep the AP on till about 1500ft, then turn it off ( though keep the “auto throttle” on till about 500ft) and fly in on manual.

Same as me pretty much. Although I’m thinking of the A380 pilots that just turn knobs for most of the journey (manual for final obviously) but I’m talking about using the heading knob during the journey like them, and having the plane slowly begin to bank and level off nicely :)

I think it just looks like a tight turn to us, but knowing how much work the devs have put into the design am sure it’s fairly realistically. It looks pretty good to me, though yes occasionally seems a little fast!