Changing the A340-600 seating capacity

I have flown the A340-600 in IF recently, and I noticed a rather low passenger capacity of 370 passengers. I have seen that it is easily possible to change this without an update on the A339, so I wanted to request an increase up to the official max of 475 passengers. This would allow the players to get more freedom, especially considering the limited amount of liveries!


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The A340-600 is a relatively old plane, and while the developers could spend time on correcting this issue, which, being completely honest, is an issue that could be fixed later down the line, say when the plane gets a full rework.

I’m not saying that they should ignore this though, just that the time spent on fixing what is a relatively minor issue, could be better spent on some other features that may already be in the development pipeline. That said, it would be cool to see the A340-600 get a rework. The A340-500 and A340-600 are probably the best planes I’ve ever flown in.


You’re probably right. I thought it would more or less just be changing a number in code, but it would make more sense with a rework.

Just out of curiosity, which airline did you fly the A340-600 fly on?

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Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa and Iberia.


n o n e.

OH wow! I probably won’t have that chance anymore, but I hope to see it when the A346 is relocated to MUC for this summer!

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