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Hi, I may be able to answer this myself, but I would like confirmation because its about subscription money and I don’t want to mess things up…

I have been paying monthly through Google Play (Android phone). My 3rd month sub starts on 26th March, but I’m thinking of going for an annual to save a bit…

But there’s no option on Google Play for “changing” a subscription from monthly to annual… Only a cancel option.

So I’m thinking how’s the right way to do this? Should I wait until the last day (26th) then cancel, then start a new annual sub straight away? And to buy the annual, do I go into the IF app to do this or do it via Google Play?

Thanks for any pointers on this 😉

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In your situation, I would cancel your subscription now, so that it doesn’t have the chance to renew (your subscription will remain until the expiry date).

Then, once that day comes, I would change it to an annual subscription.

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Agreed with Adam_S!

Just cancel your subscription now, so you are sure it doesn’t get renewed.

And on the first day after expiration, buy an annual plan. (You’ll notice you cant play IF Online until you bought the new subscription).

Problem solved ✅


Ok good point, thanks…yes I suppose if I was too late with the cancellation it might roll into the next month.

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Thanks also NL-Maxis

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Thank you!

Reason for my gratitude

I have been curious about this for a extremely long time, so when I saw this post I took a look and I am glad I did thanks so much for asking this question

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Glad to help, let me know if you have any other questions I should ask 😊

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