Changing Pro Plans

So, I got $80 for Christmas so I could renew my Pro subscription for one year. However, it auto-renewed on me, and now it has purchased a month’s subscription. This means I now have $70. Not enough to renew it for a year. Is there any way I can reverse this and purchase a years’ subscription?

Contact Apple and get it refunded.

Just use their online chat support and they will do it pretty quickly without any issue.

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You must login to your apple account and manage it there. If this doesn’t work, contact Apple for a refund.

Can you provide a link to this?

Try this link. Let us know if it works.

No… your missing the point of this support topic.

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Just type in applechat support and find the relevant topic on their website. I can give a link but as I’m in a different country it’s probably useless.
Ensure you type chat support unless you ew t to call them.

The best thing is to install the support app. It’s very easy to do everything using that

Apple Support by Apple

Okay, guys. I figured it out. Thank you all! @schyllberg, please close this now. :)

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What did you Do? Surely cancelling it will not give your money back…

No problem. We are always happy to help.

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