Changing Patterns When Storm Hits ATL Airport

found this pretty cool.


Very interesting

Yeah, I’m from Atlanta and I’m still waiting to see this happen while spotting

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I’m down there in Atlanta can’t wait to see this 😍

Is this something you would be able to see by eye with the weather?

This happened to me when I flew by myself, we made like 2 u-turns then we hold short by the terminal and the main taxiway for 30 minutes then taxi to the runway, the aircraft in front of us took off and then the airport closed. Then they changed the runway so we all taxied down the runway to the other side. Then a crj-200 refused to take off because I’m guessing of the cross wind. I thought it was really fun but the other passengers say otherwise :P

Didnt leave till 4:30 btw


I just noticed how large that airspace is. For reference, those lines around there are the state borders.

So, the airspace is like a 5th the size of Georgia.

Looks cool!

Awesome video!

Yeah, I could probably see the pattern change from the hotel near the hardstands

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My dad was there a few weeks ago and that happened, after his takeoff from KRSW was delayed by an hour, he landed 90 minutes late after doing 6 circles😡😂

Oh man, it must be nice to have that much airspace to play with. You can play chicken with the storms when you have so much airspace to set up holding patterns in, then sneak a few planes at a time through the gaps.

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Hats off to ATC, how do they handle so much traffic!

Look at all those holds. lol. Like @Cameron_Brown said, very good job, ATC.

When was this taken?

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