Changing OS

I purchased Infinite flight on my Samsung galaxy s6 I used to own. Now I have an iPhone 7 Plus, and I did the move to iOS app and my infinite flight app is no longer there! Please help me someone.

Thank you for contacting support.

Unfortunately purchases made through the App Store or Google PlayStore do not transfer to the opposing App Store, whether Apple or Android. Each App Store has control over their own purchases, not allowing them to be honored by the opposite store, much like a game for Xbox would not be recognized by PlayStation.

That being said, if you do have a Pro subscription currently it will transfer that to your new account simply by logging in via Facebook or Google depending on which you used on your previous device. Those with Pro will also have all regions and aircraft transferred because those items are part of the Pro subscription.

Important Note: Aircraft and Regions will not transfer between different operating systems. Only those with the Pro subscription will have access to all IAPs for the duration of their subscription regardless of operating system.

Thank you for allowing me to assist you today and we apologize for any inconvenience.


I believe there is an app in the google play store that is called move to iOS or something that Apple made and it should allow you to transfer things.

I did do that! I paid so much for the game and DLC planes and I miss it
badly X-Plane is no where near as good. I have proof of purchase but it
didn’t move the app…

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iOS and Android are different OS’s, so DLC can not be transferred unfortunately.

I have my proof of purchase and I believe I bought quite a bit in that game.

If you have a Pro Subscription then just log in with your credentials. Other than the app and play store purchases don’t transfer in regards to purchased aircraft and such.

Your live account should transfer via your google account on the bright side.

Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, those are the types of sacrafices you will have to make when switching to different OS. On the bright side , infinite flight was lowered 2 dollars so you only have to purchase the app for $5 instead of $7

I don’t mind about the DLC I just want the game bac.

I don’t have the cash. It bums me out to know I spent 20 plus dollars on the only mobile game I actually liked to figure out I can not get it on my new phone.