Changing names

I am unable to change my username? Help?

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Click at the top right where you see your name, and then click on the display name to change it. If that doesn’t work try restarting your device.


I will restart it

Done, still nothing

I don’t think you can change your name.

You have to contact a moderator like @Henrik and they will happily change it for you :)


Do I have to be regular again to change it

No anyone can request a username change, I changed mine last week, you just have to contact a moderator simple as that

Hmm that’s strange I will look again

You can’t change it manually, you have to ask a mod. Henrik and a few other IFATC members were talking about name changes on slack so I asked Henrik and it was done in a few seconds.


Agree with above. I contacted Carson and it was changed very swiftly and efficiently.

Same, Carson changed mine. But I was able to change it once when I had just come to the forum?