Changing Loading screen

I’d say that IF’s loading screens are usually pretty nice, but can often get boring easily after constantly seeing the same picture for 2 weeks, so i came up with an idea for a changing loading screen

How will it work? Basically, every time you load up a flight, ATC session or replay, it’ll show one of five different loading screens, the five can change whenever IF decides. The pictures chosen can be a part of a recent even or a recent update.

Im out of votes. But is a great idea ! Hope this feature get support.

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actually i had an idea for a while where people could submit pictures and then vote for their favorite which will become the loading screen

That’s a nice idea!

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i have had the 20.3 one forever

How do you change it?

The loading screen that came with 20.3 (and since i cannot update because my device is no longer supported) means I am stuck with the 20.3 loading screen and cannot be changed

Oh I have the newest IPad so that’s probably why mine is changing everyday. Oh that makes sense now