Changing Infinite Flight Pronunciations

Recently, I’ve seen many community members asking about changing the pronunciation of words or phrases in Infinite Flight. For example, changing kilo lima mike to K L M or Unicom to Traffic. This can add additional realism and creativity to Infinite Flight. While the settings may seem daunting at first, you’ll be a master in no time if you follow these simple steps below.

Important Notes
  • This is not officially supported by Infinite Flight. Use at your own risk.

  • These substitutions will only be heard on your end. No one else can hear them.

  • This tutorial is for iOS only. If you are an Android user, see this.

  • Troubleshooting steps and community ideas can be found here.

Step One

Go to your device’s settings app and navigate through these selections:

Accesibility » VoiceOver » Speech » Pronuciations » + sign

Your page should now look like this.


Step Two

This step is all about the settings that you will never have to change! Convenient, right?

Language: Select all English variants (i.e. English (US), English (UK), etc.)
Voices: All
Ignore case: On
Apply to all apps: Off (scroll down through the app list that appears and select Infinite Flight.)

Your page should now look like this.


Step Three

What do you want to be changed in Infinite Flight? A popular one is to change KLM so that it sounds like “K L M” instead of “kilo lime mike”. Or you could change your VA callsign! I have DLVA set to sound like “Delta Virtual” instead of “delta lima victor alpha”. The choice is yours!

For the sake of an example, I’ll show you how to change the pronunciation of KLM.

Phrase: kilo lima mike
Substitution: K L M

The phrase is what it already sounds like in Infinite Flight. Always spell out the nato alphabet and numbers. For example, if you wanted to change the callsign N15LC, you would enter november one five lima charlie as the phrase.

Your page should now look like this.


Accessibility » Screen Reader » Settings » Verbosity » Pronunciations

Note: This only works for select devices that have Google Assistant pre-installed.

  • Make sure the phrase is the way it is currently said in-app (i.e. A > alpha // 1 > one).

  • Confirm that your substitution is what you want it to sound like, not look like (i.e. 5 > five).

  • Double-check that everything is spelled correctly.

  • Do you have your voice set to all?

  • Have you downloaded all iOS voices?

  • Do you have all English variants checked?

Community Ideas
Phrase Substitution Example
delta lima victor alpha Delta Virtual* “Delta Virtual 8313, cleared for takeoff”
kilo lima mike K L M “KLM 487, hold short runway 28L”
for the option touch and go “cleared touch and go”
on the taxiway when off the runway “contact ground when off the runway”
unicom traffic “contact xxxx traffic on xxx.xx”
nine niner “contact center on two fife seven point niner six”
three tree “American Airlines two tree seven”
five fife “jetBlue fife tree niner”
Infinite Flight one seven Infinite Flight one seven A real world callsigns often include letters, which you can’t have in IF any other way
alpha alpha lima American “American 295, descend and maintain 3,000”
good day bye bye “Frequency change approved, bye bye”
attention all aircraft attention all stations ”attention all stations, San Francisco tower closing in 5 minutes”
point decimal ”contact blank ground on one two three decimal four fife”
exit vacate ”vacate runway when able”
immediate takeoff takeoff, no delay ”cleared for takeoff, no delay”


Idea – @PlaneGeek
Android Settings – @ThomasThePro


Thanks for the tutorial! This has been a big topic recently so definitely some useful information here!


Ah, nice one there! This would help all the realism police out there ;)


Great tutorial! Thank you so much for putting the time in to make this! I’m going to go try to change mine now …


very nice, @lucaviness

will be using this, thanks!


@Aniket_Joglekar I think this is for you 😉


Very nice @lucaviness. Will be using this for myself


Haha, yes for sure!

Awesome tutorial, would have helped me 100%


Just be responsible with it. If people hear something on there that really isn’t on the app that is “bad” that you set it to gives off a bad impression. It’s cool in all but just best to be mature and not take advantage of it.


Fortunately, this only changes how you hear it in game. No one else can hear your substitutions.


It only affects you, nobody else hears the pronunciation


I was experimenting with this for a few. This is such a nice implementation in the UIs. Gonna rest it out right now


I understand but people share their live-streams and stuff so whatever is broadcasted on your device is broadcasted to the users audience. I’ve already heard some bad ones already.

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Definitely. This should only be used respectfully and maturely.


This should also be moved to the tutorials category

Edit: is there a tutorials category?

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True. But Infinite flight said they have no affiliation what so ever with YouTube streamers. What they do is up to them.

Cign :)

correct me if I am wrong.

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Sure, but it gives off a bad impression on the app when people don’t know you set it to that.


@lucaviness I wonder who taught you this. 😡


The tutorials category is only for directly Infinite Flight related tutorials.


Little sidenote: It doesn’t work for all voices unless you have downloaded every voice. If you haven’t downloaded the voice, the alternate pronunciation will not be played.