Changing IF LIVE Name & Callsing

When changing the Display Name or Call Sign the keyboard appears as usual; however, if the name I entered is invalid or is too long it makes a window pop up that says “Invalid Display Name/Callsign too Long”. When I press the ok button to dismiss the window the keyboard pops up again, but the text box does not.

At this point you can still press anything not on the keyboard, but if you press a key on the keyboard, the app will crash and close in a few seconds. I have some other information below.

IF Version: 15.4.5607.37960
Device: iPhone 5 (32 GB)


@MAX490907 that also happens on my iPad 4th gen, you just have to put the correct amount of letters or numbers in to prevent the pop up message coming up.

Happens to me as well on my iPhone 5S. I usually get away with it by exiting to the home screen as soon as I see it happen, then go straight back into the app and the keyboard will disappear