Changing from IOS to android

Hi I’ve changed from IOS to android… With my IOS subscription no longer active I’ve bought a new subscription with my new android account. It won’t let me get my old account back with android. Can anyone talk me through it please.

Feel free to link your account to IFC on your new device and unlink IFC on your IOS device.

Tell me if this works.

I don’t have my old device now but my new device is connected to this user and that’s the message (screenshot below) I’m getting.

Are you signing in to the play store when buying a subscription?

Yes I’ve used playstore to buy the subscription.


It seems like you’ve changed the callsign for the new account that was created for you, the one that shows as “N359BR” in the screenshot at the top. What did you change it do?

If we get that, we should be able to resolve this issue for you :)

The new one is Turkish 965

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