Changing frequency

Whenever I ask for taxi to ATC, they said “Taxi to RWY xx when ready” That mean whenever I contact to tower, I’m ready for takeoff. but do I still have to ask for clearance for takeoff? I also can think in this way too. Contact tower when I’m ready = when I contact, I’m saying I’m ready for departure.


Yes you do when they say that you have to hold short of the runway and contact tower for clearance for takeoff



The ground messages states “taxi to runway XX, contact tower when ready”. This means you do not need to request frequency change to contact tower when holding short.

You always have to receive a takeoff clearance before taking off, and you must be cleared to enter the runway before doing so.

I hope this helps!


I understand that. Also I got point that when they said “contact tower when ready” what is term “Ready” in If and ATC or ready for what. It’s kinda stupid but I’ll be super thankful if you got some idea or answer for me

It means when your ready to takeoff then you can contact tower

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This helps a lot! So it just giving Pilot that “change frequency on your on” is that right?

It is classified as when you are first in line for takeoff.

Sweet! Thank you for your help a lot!

No problem just helping

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“Ready” is referring to you. When you are ready to takeoff, you are free to switch frequency to tower and request a takeoff. You should stay on ground frequency until you are close to the runway, preferably near the hold short line. Then, only request takeoff when first in line. Does this answer your question?


Yes you did. I appreciate your help! Thank you a lot


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