Changing Frequencies

I was flying from HNL - PHOG just a few minutes ago on the advanced server. As I approached the airport, I contacted approach for an ILS approach for runway 02. Approach gave me vectors for the ILS, but as I got closer to the airport, tower told me to contact them. I was not cleared for the ILS yet by approach, but I requested a frequency change. Approach kept giving me vectors, and tower kept telling me to switch frequencies.

What should I do in that situation? -W

OK. I will check those rings out. I assume the outer most ring is for approach?


Thank you. This is very helpful.


Not exactly true. Ground controls all ground traffic, approach controls outside of the outer ring. Tower controls all traffic within the 3-dimensional rings. If you tap on an area within one or more rings you’ll see in the top right of the map what airport those rings belong to and between which altitudes those rings are located.

Just in general, if you are expecting an ILS approach and you have not been cleared for the ILS yet, don’t change frequencies. Otherwise you’re illegally entering the ILS cone.

Yeah if you look at Bravo class airports you’ll see that the beginning of the ILS is pretty much right where the outer ring ends. When an aircraft begins descent, Center will vector them down towards the airport and hand the plane off to approach once they are below FL180 (18,000 ft). Approach will continue to vector them towards the airport and, if the plane requested an ILS approach, they will clear them for the ILS approach at an intercept angle of 30º or less.

And just for quick review (because I feel like it), radar vectors would mean approach vectors them towards the center of the airport directly from their location, then hand the plane off to tower once the plane enters the outer ring