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Hello all,
So every time I’m about to take flight I communicate with the correct ATC frequencies. Ground, Tower, Approuch, etc. so all that is fine. But when I take off… for example, When I’m doing a 40 min flight from LAX-SFO. First I communicate with approach but then I have to switch to Tower and it doesn’t let me… I’m able to call “ Delta 5635 is 10 NM northeast of blah blah at 4 thousand FT, requesting RWY 28L” but I’m still on the approach frequency. So tower starts calling “Delta 5635, you’re in a active airspace please blah blah etc” but I’m on the correct frequency on my screen… So it’s kinda confusing. And a little irritating cause I take realism seriously when I play and it’s sucks that I’m actually on the correct frequency but it isn’t switching…?? Maybe a glitch? Not sure. PLEASE HELP! Lol


Oh oof! You had to choose San Francisco over my airport :(

Anyways, to help with your problem, this could have been because of your internet connection. Make sure you have a good connection prior to joining the server and be sure that your phone, tablet, or whatever device you use to play Infinite Flight with maintains the good connection.

I would recommend using WiFi over Cellular if you are using Cellular Data.

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Thanks for the respond! The thing is, I’ve been playing this game for awhile and never had an issue until like 2 months ago I believe. I use two different phones. Work and personal. Both different companies. AT&T and Verizon. And both of them have issues when I play. I’m sure the connection has something to do with it but typically my service is good. Maybe API services are sensitive? Not sure. I’d like to highlight that it started happening just a little bit ago. So it’s not like it has always happend, ya know!

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Glitches like this happen much more often when switching apps.

Thanks again.

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