Changing Frequencies

Hello, I’ve got a pretty good idea of how to fly, but I get controllers asking me to switch to their frequency when I’m not even close to the airport and it doesn’t show up in my frequencies. They will constantly tell me that “I am in an active airspace and need to switch to their channcel” when I can’t. Anyone have help for this?


Are you flying on the Training or Expert server?

The best thing to do is to just hold off until you see the frequency pop up in the frequency list.

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Adding on to @Aviationluver the classic ignore and mute volume ;). Now if your on expert and you get ghosted without reaching in range within frequency, we have a problem.

If it is on Training Server, its a new user that more than likely doesnt know how to use ATC, and doesnt understand you need to be within 25NM to see the channel

How could that be? Don’t they ever fly, and notice the 25 mile range?

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Again, New users, that see online. They want to feel empowered with telling planes what to do. I see it all the time when flying VFR along the West Coast of the US. They see me, and request to contact, when I am well outside of their range, and any controlled airspace


@Jeremy_Lindeman. MaxSez: Hi Jerry welcome Aboard. Takes time to learn the drill and how things work on IF. Getting advise from Forum Members is learning the hard way. They rarely check your status before they nail you with utter confusing rot! For starters at present you can only fly on 2 servers. Solo which lets you visually see your performance by video reproduction of you flight and Training (TS-1) where everybody Pilot & Controller are learning. While on Training ignore “Guard” messages unless yout tuned to the freq. the confusing airspace calls your getting are from new kids in the learning mode. Make sure you ansewer if it’s a Controller your tuned to. Suggest you read the Tutorials and fly light aircraft till you get the hang of things. Practice in remote areas not at Controlled fields till your very comfortable and book learned. Here’s the book/Bible, suggest you download it: The Aviators Bible; “The Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge” (FAA-H-8083-3B) Free in PDF Form from Regards & Goodluck…


So I guess my question is why doesn’t ATC have a 25 mile contact range?
Edit: at least on TS1.

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Very good question. That could be a very good #features request


@anon97848036. MaxSez: Truth be told Shay the Controller on TS-1 Who Sends Out guard messages I’s bored. There like whores soliciting business. Best Practices “Ignor Them” and proceed on course…


Best reply of 18, bout fell out of my chair


Thanks for the advice! But I do have a pretty good handle on things weather I’m flying or ATC. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong when I couldn’t contact him


I was on the training server. I had to contact departure and request a frequency change just to get them to stop lol

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Please don’t ignore all on guards on training. Please. Some of us know what we are doing.

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I don’t ignore all of them, unless I can’t change to their frequency. If I am actually in or near their airspace I will switch to their frequency

It happens a lot on TS1 that a controller wants you to get in touch with him, but you’re to far away. It happend only once on Expert for me.

If it does happen on Expert: Take a Screenshot of your position on the map as well as of the ATC command where the time is visible. It’s the ultimate proof that you’ve done nothing wrong in case you’ll get ghostet.

If it happens on TS1: Ignore it if it’s obviously not possible to get in touch with the controller. You can’t do anything about it.

Another example for TS1: You’re on Approach Frequency and Tower calls you On Guard. Ask Approach for frequency change. If the controller tells you to stay on the frequency: Stay. If he allows you to switch: Switch.

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I will refer to this:

Approach can only send you an on guard if you are at or below FL180 and 50nm out from the airport. Tower can on guard if you are at or below FL100 and 27nm out from the airport and clearly descending. Any reasonable person would wait a few seconds to send you an on guard.

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All of this can be boiled down into a couple bullets, and there’s really nothing more to add:

  1. TS controllers don’t always have a concept of their airspace.

  2. They want customers. Whether they should be controlling them is irrelevant to them.

  3. You should be tuned into the appropriate frequency for your situation. Don’t worry about the guarding. (I’ve been guarded by approach to KMIA while on 2 mile final at KRSW; I’m not gonna waste a nanosecond worried about should I or shouldn’t I; it’s obviously erroneous).


Ya thus is a bit of a systematic problem, especialy at cruse, towers will be like “say intentions” or whatever, and I am like I am not on your frequency becuais I am not pamdimg in seattle, and you know my intentions if you were smart enough to look at my altatude, or see that I am a BA 74 with a flight plan to london Heathrow, not that hard to put 2 and 2 together if you ask me…