Changing Frequencies when more than 27 NM out

Hey guys I have a question. So the other day I was flying from Honolulu to Hilo International. Now I was like 12 minutes out from arriving and I don’t remember how many nautical miles but definitely more than 27. Hilo Ground contacted me and warned me that I was on an active airport and I should contact Hilo ground at frequency 121.90. But because I was too far out I couldn’t so I was wondering if there is a way to join a frequency when you are too far out to select it from the ATC menu in the bottom left corner?
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You shouldnt be connecting to any ground controller before you are on the ground in any circumstance.


Were you on Expert or Training Server?

You can also tune to a frequency by selecting the map, clicking on the airport, and then tune to a frequency. As @Zachiebm you shouldn’t contact any ground frequency when you are inbound.

He was probably controlling both tower and ground and zoomed out on ground and gave you the warning think he was on tower

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As mentioned, either the ATC was confused or sending you guard messages from the wrong frequency. Or both :)

The IF rule is that Tower can send guard messages to an aircraft that is max 25NM out and below 10,000 feet.

When you’re outside that space, ignore guard messages; especially from Ground 😅


Thanks so much everyone


Somehow I was able to contact Honolulu Approach from 83NM away. I thought it was 50…

Sadly now people an click on an airport with active ATC and tune into tower from like 40nm away. Its really annoying.
People just contact me when you are in range!!
As mentioned up the posts, contact me like 25nm out not 40nm!

Haha u think that’s bad,I’ve been contacted by an airport like 90nm out that I’m not even flying to
U know that’s when I had some speed vios and I dropped from Grade 5 to 2
Ahhh TS1

U can connect to appr from quite a distance ,after all they need to organize all the traffic for the tower

This is different topic, but I do want to respond:

Don’t contact Approach 84NM out.
Instead check your radar, and manoeuvre your aircraft so it’s positioned to the end of the queue. In the meantime descent to approx 15,000 feet. And watch your speed, to ensure you maintain separation.

We don’t use Center controllers in IF at the moment, so Pilots are responsible to apply good common sense here.

Then, when you get closer and lined up nicely in the queue, contact Approach.

I am sorry for going off topic here, but Approach conrollers on Expert are being driven half crazy by pilots contact them from FL280 or higher.


In my opinion th S is very important as being 27nm out is a critical stage in a flight especially for me with a yoke trying to make a nice approach contacting tower so late is so hard that if there is not any traffic I just don’t c do it

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