Changing flight plan mid flight

Under center control, what should you do if you need to change your FPL midflight significantly (eg. divert), assuming center didn’t ask you to change your STAR? Or do I do nothing?

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Change your flight plan and ask for a flight following to diverted airport? Idk though but I think that might the best


Some scenarios:

  1. RWY change at the arrival airport:

Change your arrival STAR and choose the active Runway for arrival then request the CTR for the new approach at your destination.

  1. Low on fuel:

Open the map and locate the nearest (Suitable Airport to land) and set a new flight plan then declare a fuel emergency and request a flight following to your new airport.

  1. Unable to land:

If it’s low visibility or any other abstraction that won’t let you land and you have tried multiple times, set a new rout to your alternative airport and request a flight following to your new airport.

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No need to request approach to center. Just when you are approaching your new Top Of Descend for the new STAR, request descend via the new STAR

But you are not supposed to ask for FF for IFR

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What’s FF ?

Flight following, FF is the ATC UI abbreviation

Ah alright

Good question, I guess maybe change your STAR and ask for a decent via the STAR?

If you’ve requested any kind of services from ATC, just request those services to your new airport. If you haven’t requested any ATC services, then there’s no need to inform ATC of the change.

Flight following is a service that ATC provides for VFR aircraft, assuming the controller can accommodate them. If you are flying above FL180, you are flying IFR — not VFR.

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