Changing flight pan to new destination in flight

I was just wondering I can’t find a topic on changing flight plans while in flight to a new destination. Is it okay to change flight plans when you are flying to a destination with active ATC and your original destination went to Unicom, can I change it to new destination with active ATC, that’s what makes it more real. So, is it copesthetic?

You can change your FPL at any time when flying on Unicom. You just fly off to your new destination, simple as that. If you are under ATC instruction, you have to let them know you are wanting to change destination. This can happen in a number of ways. I suggest reading and watching all IF and forum tutorials to understand his better!

Hopefully I understood your question correctly and the above answers it for you!


So if my destination activate Atc closes,then it’s okay to change destinations to an active ATC destination in flight. Thanks

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Yep! You are never tied to a destination during non-crucial periods of flight. Even in crucial stages, ATC is normally flexible. Let me know if you have any other questions (:


Appreciate that, thanks

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