Changing devices will my purchases transfer

I’m am moving from iOS to android is there anyway to move all of my purchases to that phone from this one

Only your live subscriptions move over. All in app purchases such as planes, regions, and the sim it’s self will have to be bought again.


@British-Airways: please avoid giving wrong informations!


Purchases bought thru google play do not transfer to ITunes

Actually I’m not. See my other posts thank you very much. Please don’t use bold just say nicely. Thanks

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Ok. Sorry guys. Just trying to help😰. Contact the devs. They should sort something out.

Hello Michael and welcome to the community :)
Unfortunately if you change from iOS device to Android device (or vice-versa) you will loose your purchased regions and aircrafts. If you have Live, the subscription will still be usable on your new Android device, your aircrafts and airplanes not.
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@British-Airways: I really appreciate you’re trying to help other people, but please only comment if you’re sure of what you’re saying. I think you misunderstood something:

  • You can restore purchases if you’re using the same store as the other device (like on a iPad with an iPhone with the AppStore on both).
  • You can’t restore purchases if you bought something on Android and you want it on iOS. You should buy it agin then.

Ok. Sorry. Thanks!

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