Changing device

Hello, I have infinite flight on my current android phone, but without a pro subscription, how do I transfer the physical app into the new phone?

Hello Ashton,
I noticed you said you had it on your current Android phone, did you get a new Android device as then you can just redownload it from the google play store. If you want to transfer it to an Apple device, you will have to buy the game again, but Schyllberg will be able to transfer your subscription from one account to another.

Hopefully this helped,



Hello. If you’ve got a Huawei, you should’ve Phone clone. Do you have one?

Hello! thank you for ur quigo response, I’m changing to an Android device of the same brand, I think I’ll just be able to use the connection cable to transfer the app to my new phone! thanks!!

I would recommend installing it from Play Store instead of transferring it. We do see issues when making transfers from time to time, usually when trying to make a subscription purchase and Play Store thinks the app wasn’t downloaded properly. Just a tip :)


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