Changing callsign

Is there a way that you can change your callsign without atc transmissions saying it letter by letter with the pilot alphabet.

No. This is done on purpose to prevent abuse.


And it adds to realism

Oh, because i have seen a callsign called Infinite Flight USA and the atc transmissions says it normally

There are some people who havent changed their callsign since the early days and they are grandfathered in. If they changed their callsign today, they would not be able to change it back to what it was.


Is it not only staff that get their callsigns read out without the phonetic alphabet?

Also. What happens if you have a callsign that spells out a cuss word? Will you get like ghosts or anything

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Is it staff only - No. Staff/Mods/ and people who are grandfathered in will read normally if able.

What happens if you spell out a cuss word - You will be asked to change it. Failure to change it may result in further actions which may impact your ability to fly.

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So if I became a mod it would read out my callsign normally?

Depending on how you type your callsign in. Yes.

Just curious, how do you become a moderator?

You become a moderator by giving feedback / answering questions in the community 👍🏻

Oh well who would ask and how? And I have seen some really bad ones before. Starting with foxtrot

I have seen some funny ones lol

Moderators are chosen by their long standing contributions to the community along with additional skills that may prove beneficial. There are other elements as well but you get the idea. Moderators are chosen and I am not sure of any moderators who were picked because they asked.

Everybody can do their part to help out, not just moderators. Working to become a regular is a good start.


How do you become a regular

There’s a separate thread for funny call signs. Please stay on topic.

Don’t ask. That went bad for me.

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Ok. Makes sense

Staying on topic is also something they look for in a mod… :)

Regular is trust level 3 and is obtained by being consistently active with quality posts.

Since all the questions have been answered or can be found in one of the many pinned topics on the forum, I am going to go ahead and close this thread before we start going in circles.