Changing callsign

When my callsign is with QantasLink
“Q-Link” and I change the numbers, the airline will change to MexicanaLink “Link”.

See below

iPhone SE
IOS 12

Weird. I can’t repro on my iPhone 7 Plus…
Can you enable “Show touches”, screenrecord it and send it to me? Slack works :)

Managed to get it happen once when messing around with prefixes… but only once.

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Quite a few times a similar glitch happened. When I select ‘Delta(Skywest)’ it switches to ‘Alaska(Skywest)’. May be because the two of them sound similar…

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I am able to reproduce this also.

Samsung Galaxy S9+

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I’m able to reproduce this problem.

  1. Select Q-Link
  2. Add callsign numbers
  3. Select Okay which brings you back to profile screen with XP data.
  4. Go back to call sign screen, it now highlights Mexicana Link instead of Qantas.

I was able to reproduce it too. Here’s a link to a screen recording:

Thank you for the report, guys!
We have a stable repro for this and a report have been generated towards the