Changing callsign during flight

Hi folks,

I was flying to Skiathos when the ATC told me to change my callsign, otherwise I would be reported. I changed my display name but he asked a second time to do so. To avoid a report, I had to leave my flight sadly. I use my name for a long time now and it is the first time I’ve been asked to change it.

So just to let ATCs know that we can’t change a callsign or a name during flight. We can but apparently others can’t see the new one.

My callsign was Aegean 1945 and my display name Hijacked -7500-. I don’t know if ATC can ask to change name but he asked for callsign oddly.
What is your opinion on my name. Is it inapropriate ?

Thank you !

I believe it is because there is no option to change display name, so he asked to change callsign instead.

I don’t think Hijacked would call for a report though, you may want to contact your controller about this.


well, I feel like it could be considered inappropriate, but I think you should have been fine. And @TheAviationGallery is right. There is only a callsign option.


Do you know your controller name, or the exact time this took place?

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I believe that callsign is fine contact the controller :)

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Thanks for your reply !
I believe his name was something like Comentator. Unfortunately I can’t contact him on this community.

And do you know if we change a name/callsign during flight, it appears for others ?

If you change your callsign yes, but display name no.

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@TheCommentator may have been your controller.

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Yeah, not the best display name. Hijacking is no joke. Also, squawking 7500 will call for fighter jets to be scrambled should your flight come up on anyone’s radar IRL.


Some controllers would find it offensive, some may not.

I would recommend contacting the controller and sorting it out in PM, that way you’ll get your answer faster!

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Hi @Shepherd, I will PM you.

A moderator can close this now.



I just messaged him. Thanks for the advice guys, I will change it anyway

Yeah I know, that’s what I’m looking for 😂
Never been intercepted by fighter jets in IF though. It may be fun!