Changing ATC Voice on iOS

I have seen many topics on the forum regarding changing the ATC voice on both iOS and Andriod alike. There has already been a topic for Android covering this, which can be found here.

This topic is a tutorial that has only been confirmed to work on iOS 10.2. If this works on any other version, please tell me in a reply!

First, go into your settings app and open General.

From here, continue into Accessibility

Now, tap on the Speech section.

You will now need to turn on Speak Selection.

Now, you are able to control the speed of your ATC voice, accents, languages, and even how the ATC pronounces words. For instance, instead of saying “nineteen twenty two” for 1922, you can make it say “one nine two two”.

If you ever want to change the voice back to default simply change the voice to English U.S Samantha, although if you changed the voice speed, you may need to fiddle with it a little.

If this works for you, please comment the device type so I can add it to the Comfirmed Devices List.

Confirmed Devices: (Remember, it’s only confirmed to work on iOS 10.2 with U.S English Voices)
iPad Pro 9.7’’
iPhone 7
iPhone 7+
iPad Mini 4
iPhone 6+
iPad 4
iPhone 6
iPhone SE
iPad Air 2
iPad Mini 2

Please Note

For whatever reason, this tutorial does not work on all versions, nor devices. I do not have a whole lot of free time to dive into the issue, but I assume it has something to do with both device type and iOS version. If anyone has free time and is willing to make improvements to this tutorial, please do and message me in a PM what needs to be changed or added.


Thanks for showing this!


Thanks for another helpful tutorial @Cessna_Driver


This doesn’t work for me for some reason


Thanks for your help Matt


Cheers Matt appreciated


Can you possibly send me screenshots of your steps in a PM? I will try to help you troubleshoot the best I can. :)

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It’s ok it doesn’t really matter to me


For Android its under Voice and Speech.


It works on the iPhone 7


Works on the iPad Mini 4 and the iPhone 6+

iPad Air 2 V10 and it does not work

I’ve just done it on my iPad and there’s a South African Voice!

Doesn’t work for me…

Not sure if it works… The man voice doesn’t work anyways…

I’m on an iPad and it doesn’t seem to work.


My device:
iPad Pro 12.9

IOS 10.2 beta 4 (I’m a software tester for Apple)

iPhone SE
iOS 10.2
Not working… help?

iPhone SE works

Awesome tutorial. Thanks for this.

Works here on IPad 3 and IPhone6