Changing app while flying online

can you change app while flying online? will my flight automatically end?

You can change apps but it will disconnect you from the live servers of infinite flight and you risk losing your flight

depends on how long you are on that app. So yes, you can, but dont stay on it too long since you can be disconnected.

how long can i open other apps before the flight ends?

I tried to switch over to discord and 2-3 minutes when I switched back my flight was gone lol

but my flight will continue if i put the app in pop up/split screen mode right?

i regret making infinite flight in pop up mode… it crashed… my 9 hour worth of flying… gone

It depends.

If it’s quick you will be fine but any extended periods of time either you will disconnect from servers or your device might close the background app.

I’ve found from my experience that on average its around the 45-60 second time window…still its risky.

I would also turn on Do Not Disturb so you don’t get any notifications which will “pause” your flight (ie takes you to the pause screen - but because its online it doesn’t actually pause) because being on the pause screen does eventually disconnect you.

Oops! Sorry to hear that.

Infinite Flight is not made to run in the background. It disconnects you from the live servers, and if you are away for too long, it ends your flight altogether, if you run it as a “background” app. It’s not something the devs have control over, unfortunately.

When the app is put in the background, both iOS and Android will pause all processes related to Infinite Flight after x amount of time and in some cases, even kill the app depending on the amount of available resources.

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