Changing Altitude ATC listings according to Transition Level

As many will know, the Transition level (When altitude readouts change from ft to Flight Level) in the US is FL180/18000ft. This is what is followed in IF, in the whole of the world. The problem is the transition level varies heavily in different countries:

UK (London): 3000 in open airspace, 6000 in the London airspace, sometimes different in airport CTRs (East Midlands for example is 4000)
France (Paris): 4000 (unless different on airport charts)
Malaysia, Singapore (Singapore and KL): 11000
Australia (Sydney): 10000
The Netherlands (Amsterdam): 3000
Germany (Amsterdam): 5000

Yet 18000 is used all of the time. So what about the altitude speech and selection changing according to the flight level? Even if it is just a general for each region (not using the airport charts).



Make this a wiki so I can add Sweden ;) just kidding

In Sweden trans alt is 5000 ft, quite a difference between 18000 ft and 5000 ft.

I fully support this idea and feature.

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Nice idea! I also think that it needs to be lower than FL180 in Infinte Flight because realistically not many players fly above 18,000 feet on live because airports are relatively close in comparison to global flights so there isn’t much need to go far above FL100, and therefore not many people would be using the ‘Center’ ATC frequency in IF if they followed the FL180 transition. I think that it should be lowered to FL100 to contact ATC Center in IF

I think it should be lowered to whatever is the transition altitude of each Region.

It’s 4000 in Belgium

Center is used in the RW from SRF-FL600 that’s how it should be used in IF. There are different sectors in the RW but that’s how it’s used.