Changi ILS Procedures: LELIB2B Arrival

Hello! Today, I will be introducing to you the LELIB2B Arrival.
Take a look at the diagram, and follow as it says. Also do remember to maintain the given altitudes and speeds! If there is anything wrong with it, do tell me! I’m just a beginner in reading such charts!

P. S. Please do not continue following the waypoints if approach vectors you off it.


The LELIB2B has been superseded by the LELIB 3B arrival now - although I haven’t checked what the difference is. The arrival takes you to BIDUS and there is a noted hold at NYLON. Beyond that you should expect vectors for the ILS for the 20 C/R.


Woo… Where did you get those charts? 😍

Navigraph. They are based on LIDO charts. I think the current commercial charts are a bit more up to date (the navigraph one dates from July 2015), but on checking I think LELIB 3B remains current.

Depends on what AIRAC you have… However, for those who might not understand this, use this only if there isn’t any approach controller online, and for your own sake, don’t continue following it if approach vectors you off it… We cannot operate with SID/STAR procedures since everyone don’t use it…


Thanks for pointing that out!
I have also included the point in my post.

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