Changi airport question


I know changi airport (WSSS) has a 02R/20L which is for military operations only. That runway isnt in IF correct?

From what I found runway 02R/20L is not being used currently due to an airport expansion but starting on October 25th 2020 they with close 02C/20C and open 02R/20L.

Why it is not in IF I do not know.

Looking at the chart it shows WSSS 02R as a military runway only. But it’s not in IF

also yes the runway is being used by the Singapore air force

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The imagery does not show them connected but theres some construction. Maybe in the future it will be there? Also then will people complain when a commercial plane lands on R?

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Yea and the chart I was looking at doesn’t show them connected either. Just strange that it’s not in IF. Oh well.

Is there an infinite flight app that shows you inbound and outbound flights to airports on all servers.

Right now there is a Changi Air Base next to WSSS as well. So the 02R/20L is only for use by RSAF. In the future I believe there is going to be a Terminal 5 expension project.

I just mentioned this in another thread - yes, there is a military airbase beside Changi Airport called Changi Air Base (East) operated by the Republic of the Singapore Air Force. The airbase is also used bi-annually for the Singapore Airshow.

However it looks like it is not officially in Infinite Flight (it was before global)

Since we are on this topic, @Chris_S I would like to add that Changi Airport from October 2020 will be closing it’s 2nd runway and will be using Changi Air Base runways for both military and commercial. So from October, only Runway 1 and 3 will be operational, with Runway 2 closed. So I am hoping that Changi Air Base’s runway will be added.

There is no 02R/20L at WSSS. And there won’t be.
02R/20L is associated with WSAC, the ICAO code of Changi East Airbase.
The runway naming scheme was shared between those two airports to avoid confusion while they are so close together.
As far as I know there is no link planed.
And WSAC is not in the repository yet.

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I think you have to pay for it😊

You have to pay for it

Is there one that you dont have to pay👍

Unfortunately no

Ok thanks for the help appreciate it👍

No, that is only for extended features. LiveFlight is completely free.

If you read above he was asking about how to view a list of departure and arrivals

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Ah. You will be able to see that at, just search the airport up and it’ll give you the list of inbounds and outbounds.

By the way, the base app does show the list of departures and arrivals.