changi aiport Spawn Issue


I don’t know why, but when I load to changi airport with a klm orange pride, the front gear keep went into the ground?

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Have you tried to restart the app? That might help to solve the issue


Im guessing its a glitch or something so try and restart your Infinite Flight and device. This topic should also be moved to support btw

i have tired, but its still the same.

Can you reproduce this issue on other stands?? With other B77W liveries. At another airport

i am guessing loading in singapore is a probem now, tired on other stand, and the plane when stalling.

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Have you closed the app, performed a device restart and then relaunch of the Infinite Flight app yet?

Yes, i have tried, but still the same, the terrain at there is not flat, i tried to land from a flight from kuala lumper and when i land, the plane is bouncing. nothing is wrong with plane.

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