Changes to the #live:events category

Hi all,

We have just made the following changes to the #live:events category:

  • Events may not be posted more than 60 days before the event date
  • If a date is changed, and the new date is outside of this 60 day rule, you must make a new topic when the proposed date is within 60 days


  1. This conforms to the 60 day edit rule
  2. It allows for events that are closer to occurring to gain more coverage
  3. It stops events from being posted too far in advance for the sole purpose of claiming them
  4. It encourages higher quality, more thoughtful events


Q: I have an event that is already up that is more than 60 days away. Can I keep this?


Yes, but you must conform to the new rules of 60 days if you wish to change the date at all

Q: What about special events that may need more planning than 60 days?


If you believe there is a significant need for this, you are welcome to ask the moderators, but it is likely this will only be allowed for large events such as the IFVARB yearly summit, as one example

Q: How can I make sure I don’t have to make a new topic due to this rule?


The easiest way to do this is to not post the event right when it gets to 60 days before. If you leave it until a reasonable time, say a few weeks, you can then have the luxury of postponing for a longer time without having to make a new topic and event


Wonderful info Misha! This will get events more organised!


Thank you for this! Now we can keep events from getting hectic and forgotten.

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I think the 60 day rule will help event organizers in improving their events as it will switch most of the attention to planning the event compared to one months away, while still giving ample time to sign up more event attendees. Nice ammendment 👍🏾


Really like this change. It’s been amazing to me that people post events months in advance. From adults, to the kids under 18, we have no idea what our plans are that far in advance, let alone a week in advance.

I’ve seen that the “sweet spot” for IFC events is within 72 hours of an event to have maximum attendance. You may get more sign ups longer out, but what’s good about 50+ sign ups when only 5 people show up?

Great change and hopefully increases the great events hosted on the IFC and their attendance!


This is a great change! I’ve seen an increase in far off events being posted and this is a perfect way to manage it!

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Hopefully this can help with more people who sign up for events to actually come to them, thanks Misha!


I hope this helps with the problem of people not showing up. And i believe this will help make them more organized, thanks for the info Misha!


Thank you for creating this. It gets annoying when I see events posted for 4 months in advance that always fill up.

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How does this encourage more thoughtful events? This does exactly the opposite. Less time to plan and get attendees.


But some events that were planned 4 months away are full, and what if someone else wants to join? This would help with that, so events don’t fill up in a week, and sit inactive for 3 months before the event.

When an event is posted too far ahead a lot of planning happens while the thread is already open. That shouldn’t be the case. An event should be planned before posting a thread on the IFC.

And yes, while there might be less time to get attendees it also provides a higher changes that those who register to attend. It‘s easier to plan 😊


I honestly thought the new changes would be a title character limit lol

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That would actually be awesome - but it could make people very annoyed

(kinda like the minimum and maximum character limit which I’m sure irritates a lot of people on this forum)

Great idea!

And then there’s me, someone who made an event 5 months in advance and got 3 people to sign up.

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